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April 26, 2013

Asuka Kazama

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Written by: Zboy365
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Asuka Kazama Zboy365

Complete Guide – Tekken Tag 2

Asuka Kazama  is a character in the Tekken series who was first introduced in Tekken 5 and has returned for Tekken 5: Dark ResurrectionTekken 6, and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. She is mostly known to be a relative of the series lead character, Jin and Jun Kazama.

Asuka Kazama is considered to be a lower tier Character in the Tekken Series. This means she is less ideal to use for competition (tournaments, etc). However, she is very rewarding when you follow a few steps and know the ins and outs of her move strings.

Asuka Kazama Move List and Frame Data

In this video I cover Asuka Kazama Move List. Full move list & frames below.

Click for Asuka Kazama Move List & Frame Data

Asuka Kazama Guide

This is my video guide to the most important moves, keys, move strings, and more.

The Good

  • Among Easiest Characters to Learn
  • Awesome Parry/Attack Reversal
  • Good for Solo Mode or Complete Novices[
  • Great Defensive Character

The Bad

  • Bad Poke and Punish Game
  • Lots of Dangerous Frames
  • Predictable and Easily Blocked Move Strings
  • Horrible Offensive Character

Her Top 10 Moves

If you were to spam anything with Asuka these would be the moves to go by. Remember, most importantly you wanna concern yourself with placing your opponent on the ground and getting them guessing on the get up.

  • Falling Tower – df+1, 2 – 13 Frames:  The Falling Tower is totally safe on block and is confirmed on a counter hit. The 2nd hit auto throws the opponent to the ground and if blocked can open up all of Asuka Moves for a new string. 
  • Dragon Wheel – b+3 – 16 Frames (unsure): The Dragon Wheel is such a pain in the ass because it kills any and all low attacks (you enter a technically jumping state during this move which beats low moves). Dragon Wheel also leads to the Demon Slayer and Leg Cutters for powerful combos. This is a punishable move but only certain characters in the game can reach Asuka after blocking this and very few players know they can hit her after.
  • Attack Reversal – b+1+3 (B+1+3 to extend frames) b+2+4 (B+2+4 to extend frames) 2 Frames: The Attack Reversals are the main reason people love and hate Asuka. They are a necessary evil and in my opinion must be used and abused. However, the best way to use them would be to learn your opponents strings and moves first than counter them.
  • White Heron Dance – 1+4, 2, 4 (1+4, 2, d+4 White Heron Lower Dance) – 6, 10 Frames ( first low hit 6 frames): White Heron Dance is a unique move because the first hit is technically 6 frames, its a low that can scoop opponents, and it is the hardest move variation to follow from Asuka. She also has certain moves that tie right into the White Heron Dances from other combos and moves.
  • Lift Kicks – d+3+4  -6, 27 Frames (first low hit 6 frames): The Lift Kicks work like the White Heron Dance where they hit low first and like the Attack Reversals because it interrupts moves with its quick frame. This means that you can counter extremely offensive characters with this combo starter. Best of all the lift kicks on block are not punishable in Tekken which makes the risk 0 to throw it out there.
  • Cloud Kicks – WS+3+4, 3 – 13? Frames (unsure): This is one of Asuka’s most important moves because it is pretty much the only move you can throw out there and be totally in advantage after it happens. The possibilities off of this move are endless!
  • Heart Stopper – b+4 – 22 Frames: It is sad that this is one of the better pokes for Asuka at 22 frames but is a necessary evil. This is mostly safe on block and has a follow move after it that leads to a bound. On counter hit, this leads to a powerful combo as well.
  • Jingu Kunikakasu – fF+2, 1 – 21 Frames: This is a new move for her in Tekken Tag 2 and I compare this to Paul/Wang’s qcf+2. This move packs a ton of punch and is confirm-able on 1st hit and safe on block. It closes great space and is even deadlier on counter hit. Also a good combo ender.
  • Leg Cutter – db+4 – 18 Frames : Another necessary evil of Asuka. This is dangerous to throw out on its own but you can get to the leg cutter combos from her 1, 4 or Dragon Wheel to Leg cutter, Blizzard Combo to Leg cutter. This is also one of her most powerful combo starters and you need to throw it out there to win with Asuka.
  • Demon Slayer – f+2  - 17 Frames: Sigh….Live by the Demon Slayer, die by the Demon Slayer. This is her best and worst move at the same time. It is stupidly punishable, easily side-stepped but is absolutely needed for Asuka. This is great for opponents trying to roll back, getting up, tagging out, tagging in, punishing a whiff and more. You can also cancel it mid move to enter full crouch.


Ground Game

This is where you will win with Asuka. Get your opponent on the ground and make them guess which annoying move you will execute. Whenever I play a good Asuka Player I am always nervous and confused as to what is coming next when I am knocked down. If you stay still, you are screwed, if you stand up, screwed, if you block low, screwed, if you roll, screwed.

  • Sacred Blade – 3~4 – 24 Frames: This is a great move to train your opponent to block low when he is knocked down. The 24 frames is a long setup but that is also a good thing because people often see if coming and do not want to take the hefty damage it gives out (plus it knocks you back down). Abuse this move until your opponent is blocking low to stop it when they are getting up. This will lead to the other moves below…
  • Thunder Fall Kick – 3+4 – 23 Frames: This kick is great in mix up with the Sacred Blade because it causes almost the same damage to a crouching opponent. Plus it knocks your opponent to the ground again. Start the guessing game over and over with Sacred Blade and Thunder Fall Kick.
  • Demon Slayer – f+2 – 17 Frames: The Demon Slayer has multiple purpose for downed opponents. Depending on the characters hit box, the Demon Slayer will just drain damage off of dormant characters on the ground. This can also be used to launch a crouching opponent. The only downside is if they guess right and block standing on get up you will be highly punishable.
  • White Heron Dance – 1+4 – 6,10 Frames: This is great versus an opponent rolling backwards. This will scoop them off the ground and into the air for more combos.
  • Tsuwabuki – b+4, 2 – 22 Frames: This is great for rolling opponents as well. This will put them into a bound state for a combo or tag assault. You can also trap a player trying to tag out in a corner for the lulz.
  • Enchanted Circle – db+3 – 21 Frames: This is just a small poke. The only reason I use it as a panic push when the opponent is near death just to knock them out quickly.
  • Dragon Wheel – b+3 – 16 Frames: Dragon wheel is a substitute for the demon slayer. It is for launching and it little more safe on block as it is harder to punish.
  • Night Sky – uf+4 – 20 Frames: This is just a substitute for launching a crouching opponent as well. Safer on block than the demon slayer.
  • Moon Scent  ws+3 – 19 Frames: After a sacred blade, you can use this to sometimes chip your opponent for more damage or even launch them. It is just a reaction that I have been using for years in Tekken to use this move after Sacred Blade.

Move Strings

The move strings of a character are what really make players good. Here at Tekkencombo.com we provide some move strings for the characters we love. It can be frustrating not knowing how or what to use with each character so this will get you going with Asuka.

  • 1, 3(repeat as many times as you like) to 1, 2, 4: The point of this is to get them trained to block the 2nd low hit and come through with a high, mid, mid combo. Great to end a match or knock down.
  • 1, 4 (repeat as many times as you like) to 1, 2, 4 or 1, 3 or launcher: Similar to the first string. You want them to block low so you can hit mid. Some opponents stay blocking low when they see leg cutter so a launcher after is possible.
  • 1, 4, 4, 3: Her high punch can lead into multiple leg cutters which lead to a guaranteed combo. This works well for those who block Asuka well as they do not see the Leg Cutter combo coming from the punch.
  • 1, 2, 3 to pokes or combo starter (b+4, 1+2, etc): The last hit on this string causes a mini stagger in your opponent. If they try to move right after you have a frame advantage to poke, grab or hit more.
  • f+3 to pokes or combo starter (b+4, 1+2, etc): You can skip to the 1, 2, 3 kick with this input. Takes a lot of frames but it is the same effect as the last string.
  • 2,1 to Sidestep to combo starter or pokes: Her 2, 1 pokes give some nice spacing which can allow for a sweet sidestep to make your opponent whiff on their counter. After that, grab, poke and launch.
  • 2, 1, 1+2, b to pokes or grab: Her 2, 1, 1+2 is her bound but if you input back at the very end it will cancel the last hit. This makes a normal person get ready to block and wait which puts you at an advantage to tag grab or poke even more.
  • White Heron Dance upper and lower: This is probably her hardest natural combo to follow. Many good players will guess low as they know Asuka does not have many good low mix ups. This can lead to some nice damage and confusion if they can not guess right.
  • Falling Tower (Repeat until it hits): Since this is 13 frames and pretty decent on block most characters do not have a fast enough and far reaching move to break this up. You can literally keep doing falling tower until they slip up or back dash away.
  • Falling Tower to pokes or combo starter: If they are beating your falling tower follow up you can go into pokes or back off, let them whiff and start a combo.
  • d+2 to pokes or combo starter: This is similar to falling tower because it appears to be only minus 4 frames on block which can open up a nice whiff or combo starter if they try to use a slow frame move right after. It is plus 9 frames on hit and if it hits on counter you can start a combo.
  • Cloud Kicks FC 3+4 to pokes or grab or combo starter: This is her most important string. If you know your frames you can be in a total advantage after her Cloud Kicks. Do it once and most players freeze waiting for the next one. You can then poke, grab or try and go for a quick launch if they do a slow frame move. Highly annoying string!
  • Cloud Kicks FC 3+4, 3 to pokes or grab or combo starter or parry: This is great to as it puts your opponent into crouching state on block which limits their move list. The only thing that can beat you is an 11 frame kick (every character has it) from while rising. But guess what….YOU CAN PARRY THAT! If they freeze up you can poke or grab or look to start a combo. Only characters I have seen fuck me out of this are Lars and King. (Kings rising knee launches but what I do is let them do it and then grab or poke right after to punish.)
  • Double Leg Cutter to launcher: This should probably be one of the first things you try in a match. If you land this on a  counter hit the match is pretty much over. You can throw out just one leg cutter and see if they duck on the second hit. If they don’t you are probably dealing with someone who does not know how to block Asuka! This is one of her most powerful and easy combo starters so find out if they know how to block it off the bat!
  • Leg Cutter Fake out to combo starter: If they are blocking it, you can still play mind games. Throw out one leg cutter…then another…they will think it is coming again and duck. Then go for your launcher! You can also poke with this and go into other pokes or grabs if they recover fast enough to block a launcher.

Asuka Kazama Combo Video

Hey guys, Zboy365 here with the last part to my Asuka Kazama Guide: the Combo video.

Asuka Kazama has a ton of power in Tekken Tag 2. This video demonstrates some of her easiest and most powerful combos (all by herself).

Here is a list of all combos done in the video:
Demon Slayer:
f+2 – uf+3 – df+1 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3
f+2 – uf+3 – 2,1,- 2,1,1+2 – B! – f+1+2
f+2 – uf+3 – 2,1,- 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1
f+2 – db+4,3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1

Inner Strength:
1+2 – 1+4 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3
1+2 – 1+4 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – f+1+2
1+2 – 1+4 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1
1+2 – db+4,3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1

White Heron Dance Lower (Part 1, all hits):
1+4,2,d+4 – db+4,3 – d+2 – B! – f+2

White Heron Dance Lower (Part 2, when blocked & last hit only):
1+4,2,d+4 – db+4,3 – d+2 – B! – ff – db+4,3 – 79 Damage
1+4,2,d+4 – db+4,3 – d+2 – B! – fF+2,1+2 – 82 Damage
(1+4,2,)d+4 – db+4,3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1 – 75 Damage

Rising Palm:
f+2 – uf+3 – df+1 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3
f+2 – uf+3 – 2,1,- 2,1,1+2 – B! – f+1+2
f+2 – uf+3 – 2,1,- 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1

Dragon Wheel:
b+3,4,3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3 – 69 Damage
b+3,4,3 – d+2 – B! – fF+2,1 – 70 Damage
b+3,4,3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1 – 78 Damage

Night Sky:
uf+4 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3
uf+4 – 2,1 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – f+1+2
uf+4 – 2,1 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1

ws3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3
ws3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1

Double Leg Cutter:
db+4,4,3 – uf+3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3
db+4,4,3 – uf+3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – f+1+2
db+4,4,3 – uf+3 – 2,1 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1 (99 Damage)

Counter Hits—

(df+1),4 (only if second strike connects) – 1+4 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3
(df+1),4 (only if second strike connects) – db+4,3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1

b+4,2 – B! – db+4,3
b+4,2 – B! – fF+2,1
b+4 – 1+4 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF2+1
b+4 – db+4,3 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3

d+2 – b+4,2 – B! db+4,3
d+2 – b+4,2 – B! fF+2,1

(f+1), 3 (only if second strike connects) – 1+4 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – db+4,3

FCdf+2 – ws1,4 – 69 Damage

ws1+2 – f+2 – uf+3 – df+1 – 2,1,1+2 – B! – fF+2,1

Other Combos:

f+4 – db+4,3
3~4 – ws4 – f+2
1,1,d+4 – ws4 – f+2

About the Author

I am a huge gaming fan. I love all genres of games but Tekken always has a special place in my heart. I help run this website with fellow author Brian Kumpf (aka Bmoney) and other authors like Lil' J, Nicky C and others. My favorite characters are Asuka, Jun, Kunimitsu, Ancient Ogre, and Zafina. Hit us up anytime on the website or on psn: zboy365.

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