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June 12, 2013


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Written by: Zboy365

Tekken Revolution – The Fighting MMO

The free to play new fighting game, Tekken Revolution, is out today! Basically what we at TekkenCombo.com can conjure from it is that it’s Namco’s attempt at a MMO/RPG style for Fighting Games. Funny….RPGs are dying out…but other games keep adding RPG elements to their games (aka Madden, Tekken, COD, etc). Anyway peep how it works out and leave ya thoughts.

Overview – How it works

Tekken Revolution is built around a coins (credits) setup. Think of it like putting a quarter into an arcade machine to play, the concept is much the same. The game starts you off with a few credits that you can use to play arcade mode or online, doing so costing you one credit each.

You can unlock credits by winning online matches, beating arcade mode and as more time passes, more credits unlock automatically as well. You can purchase premium coins if you want to pony up some cash, and don’t want to wait for more to become available.

The game is very similar to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in how it plays, its modes and most everything else. It’s basically a stripped down TTT2, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s a free title, and there’s a good amount of fun and time that can be spent here without spending a dime of your own money, if you so choose.

You’re required to be online at all times while playing Tekken Revolution, so if the servers are having trouble, or you’re having problems with your internet connection — you cannot play.

The game’s modes are as follows:
• Ranked Match (Online)
• Player Match (Online)
• Arcade Battle (Offline)
• Character Enhancement
• Options
• PlayStation Store

Coins, tickets and premium coins

• New coins appear after a certain amount of time — regardless if you’re online or offline, so you can shut down your PS3 without worry and come back to a fresh amount of coins to use.

• Arcade Coins allow you to play arcade mode, you can have a max of 2 at one time, and a new coin comes up every 60 minutes.

• Battle Coins allow you to play the online ranked and player match modes. You can have a max of 5, and a new one comes up automatically every 30 minutes.

• Premium Tickets are awarded to you by accomplishing various feats, such as after a certain number of victories or logging in.. You can use a premium ticket to play arcade or ranked mode if you’re out of coins.  When you use a premium ticket to fight instead of a regular coin, a victory will net you another ticket, allowing for infinite play so long as you keep winning.

• You can hold a max of 999 Premium Tickets, and if you use one to play an online match or arcade session, and you win that match/session, you’ll earn another Premium Ticket as a prize. If you lose that online match, you’ll gain more XP than you otherwise would have.

• Premium Coins work the same way as Premium Tickets, except you have to purchase these. Here’s the pricing structure, all in USD.
- 4 for 99 cents.
- 10 for $1.99.
- 30 for $4.99.

Online play and more

• The net code is really good. It feels like the same net code that they used in TTT2, so matches are smooth and fun.

• When waiting for a Ranked Match the game puts you into a training mode automatically while you wait.  Unlike TTT2, the dummy opponent will actually fight back and the practice is in an actual stage rather than the infinite “practice void.”

• A player dropped (disconnected) on me during our match, but I was still awarded with XP, although it still cost me my coin/ticket, just like if the match had been completed.

• Namco Bandai is also running events for Tekken Revolution, where they reward players with double the amount of XP, bonus tickets and quite a bit more. When you start the game, you should be notified of any major developments.

Gameplay, characters and leveling up

• In overall gameplay terms, the title is VERY similar to a 1v1 version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Most of the moves you know from the series are back, but this title puts a bit of a unique spin on them with Critical and Special Arts.

• Each fighter has four Critical Arts, which give you the chance to do increased damage on critical hits. Combatants also have one Special Art, which gives them a period of invincibility at the start of the move. You can spot Critical Arts and Special Arts by the particle and motion blur effects.  Any veteran Tekken play should notice that although these Special Arts give slight invincibility, they are VERY punishable if the hit is blocked.

• Playing matches earns XP, which can be spent to level up 3 different attributes. Power (damage done), Endurance (stamina), and vigor (increase critical hit chance and rage chance). Heading into the game’s Character Enhancement section will let you spend these points.

• Arcade mode is super easy and even novice Tekken players should be able to work their way through it. I’m not sure if the difficulty progressively gets harder, though.

• Eight playable characters at the start are unlocked: Kazuya, Asuka, Paul, Law, Lars, Jack-6, King and Lili, although in arcade mode you can play against other fighters like Bryan, Leo, Steve, Heihachi and Ogre. These fighters are all likely playable and can be unlocked over time.

• Playing a few arcade mode matches and ranked matches unlocked a character for me, so it doesn’t appear that unlocking characters costs anything at this time. As far as I can tell, only coins currently are tied to actual money, but that could very well chance as new systems/items are introduced.

• The actual combat mechanics are a bit different for this version of Tekken.  Bound moves are no longer existent to extend a juggle combo (floor breaks are still available, performed by using a move that would normally bound); however, there are a few moves that will cause the same animation.  Also, certain moves may have changed in terms of how the opponent reacts to them, such as King’s down, 1+2 does not launch but knocks back.

•  There have been a few rumors and speculation that this is a test game for Tekken X Street Fighter.  Although there is no official confirmation on this, the cel-shading and street-fighter-esque feel that the game provides is enough to make many gamers wonder.

• Many veteran Tekken plays have complaining about the stat system being over powered.  Stats within a fighting does seem a bit unfair, but they are only noticeable in the VERy high numbers.  I once fought a Paul with 128 power and got 1-hit by a Phoenix Smasher, boo.



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